Maine Snowmobile Trails from Solon north to Jackman, or east to Greenville and west to Eustis/Rangeley, enthusiasts can travel hundreds upon hundreds of miles of well groomed and maintained trails. Local clubs and dedicated volunteers take great pride in providing the best that Maine has to offer snowmobiling. Well marked trails lead to exciting riding, spectacular scenery and wildlife sightings. The Forks Area is home to the highest groomed trail in Maine the top of Coburn Mountain at 3750 feet.

Ride ITS 84, 86, 87, 88 and 89 through widely varying terrain and visit sites like Grand and Moxie Falls. ITS 87 along Moxie Mountain and ITS 86 along the Dead River are two of the most scenic sections of Maine snowmobile trails. Some of the highest snowfall levels in the east are recorded in the Upper Kennebec Valley.

2024 Snowmobile Trail Map

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