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Heather Sylvester had this to say on FB 2 days ago…

“We went for a little loop today from our house at Moxie over Bald Mountain Trail to Pleasant Pond Trail to home today.
The Bald Mountain Trail is in excellent condition and was fun and fast!! When we got to the Pleasant Pond Trail it was rough, but we toughed it out and completed the loop. The riding was overall great and we were so glad to finally get out and have some fun! Great job to the groomer crews that have put in time to keep these trails going!
Everyone needs to do a snow dance so we can hopefully get some more snow and do some amazing spring riding!!”


A couple of updates:
We did go out and groom last night. From long pond to in town, 88 east and 89 North to the Border. All reports coming in say it’s flat and rideable, but use caution as some rocks and dirt in spots.
Please join us tomorrow night at the clubhouse for a Spaghetti dinner 5-7. We will be selling hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, along with Long sleeve T Shirts, for Border Riders and Long Pond Grooming! Should be a fun night!
We have cancelled the auction for this year, but mark your calendars for next year!


Dead River Sno-Rider


Worked on both sides of the dead river detour on 86. Filled both, the washout and the hill. This was the worst part of the entire trail system over a very busy first weekend. Although this is a very short detour , caution should be used the whole time you are on it, because of 90 degree turns and some bumps and rocks. We covered the rocks the best we could with snow . It’s much better.

All the reports we got this weekend were fabulous! The trail are in great shape, but there are some thin spots starting to develop so be careful of some loose rocks along the way. With no snow in the forecast I still think we are gonna have another great riding weekend to come. We are gonna continue to groom as needed after the next little storm of course but we definitely will need more snow in very soon future. Keeping this amount rideable will be a challenge for sure if it warms up at all. Thank you everyone for offering help, donations, patience and all the complements this past weekend it definitely is much appreciated! Be safe out there, ride safe and support your local clubs. Thanks Shane


Coburn Summit Riders Trail Report 1/16/24

I didn’t expect my first trail report of the season to be so good. With the crazy start we’ve had to the season, I wondered if we’d be grooming by the end of the month. Apparently we lucked out because the past week or so gave us everything we needed to get going. We have groomed our entire system and most of it is near perfect. There are a few spotty rocks where we had washouts and had to fill with snow but considering that they look like stream beds underneath, we’ll take it. We lost a bridge that has been replaced and we are catching up on signage now. I can’t speak for the clubs around us as I haven’t been riding outside of the Coburn trails but I can tell you our trails are great! I opened the Summit trail yesterday but it hasn’t been done with a drag yet. It will be done before the weekend.

For those of you that haven’t heard, we dropped about half the mileage that we used to have. We did this because it was too much for the few of us to maintain effectively. The trails that we dropped are now being maintained by the newly formed Dead River Sno-Riders out of the West Forks. They’ll need the support too so please give them a like join and their club. So the following is what the Coburn club now maintains.

-ITS 89 from where it meets Border Riders south to the base of Coburn MTN.

– The Lake Parlin Connector from where it meets ITS 89 behind Parlin to where it meets ITS 87.

-ITS 87 from the powerline at 201 north to the intersection of ITS 88 where we meet the Birches.

– Coburn Connector from the base of Coburn MTN south to where it meets ITS 87 at the powerline.

– The Coburn MTN Sunmit Trail.

The Dead River Sno Riders now maintains

-ITS 87 from the ball field in the West Forks north to the powerline at 201.

– ITS 86 from the West Forks to Grand Falls

– ITS 89 from the base of Coburn MTN south to Grand Falls. (ITS 86 and 89 merge 10 miles east of Grand Falls)

– The Enchanted Loop.

This weekend will be busy and we are working on finishing up signage and putting up signs on our kiosks. As I stated in my last post, be especially careful if you are riding unplowed roads as there are many washouts that are hard to see until you’re right on them.

We now have Venmo for the Coburn Summit Riders so it’s easy to join the club or just donate to help us out. Venmo address is @CoburnSummitRiders. It’s especially difficult this year with everything that all the clubs have had to do to get trails rideable and it can only continue with rider support.





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