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Forks Area Trails Club and Coburn Summit Riders snowmobile clubs cover over 200 miles of trails in the Upper Kennebec Valley region, spanning from Bingham, through The Forks and West Forks, east to Greenville, west towards Eustis, and North to Parlin and Jackman. Groomers from both clubs cover a combination of ITS, municipal, and club trails, connecting local businesses to the greater 14,000 mile Maine ITS network. Our area is a hub for riding in Maine that sees a lot of traffic during snowmobile season, and there is an incredible amount of work that goes into keeping trails flat and fast.

Your membership supports the countless hours of trail work, grooming, and groomer maintenance for three trail groomers in Forks Trails Club and four at Coburn Summit Riders. For more details on specific trails that each club covers and for up-to-date trail conditions, please visit their respective Facebook pages below:

And please consider joining the clubs to support the trails you ride!

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